Hello everyone.

I’m creating this page for me, and for any person that needs to get information about lowRa ( Low-level Rework on Actionscript 3.0 ).

I will put here links to any presentations ( video ) or slide show that have been posted around.

Finally I will add any tips / tricks / code that I will maybe find / do in the future.


I. What is lowRa

lowRa is an AS3 framework based on IOC ( Inversion of Control ) started by Francis Bourre ( the dad of pixlib ). Then a bunch of developers joined him.

Please note too that a plugin for lowRa is already available. The plugin is Kairos.
This plugin is an animation package independant from the framerate and a performance monitor. Please follow the link to get more information about it.

Finally, you’ll get a quick overview by watching this video ( thx to Martin Arvisais ) or looking at this slide.
Only if the links above does not work please use those: video and slide


II. Where is lowRa

OsFlash page is here
Google group is here
Google code ( svn ) is here

III. Lowra tutorial

It’s been ages I started lowra tutorial, but I never had the time to finsih it.
Meanwhile Romain has done small tutorials on specific topics in lowRa, for instance, plugin communication or the command pattern, …

So please visit his nice tutorials HERE if you want to know more.
And someday I’ll try to create one where you create a full application/website.

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  • Jörg

    Hey thanks for collecting the very little information about LowRA..
    However, the Video-Link above is not working – this will do: “http://www.tweenpix.net/files/as3nutshell.swf”

    Best wishes,

  • zeflasher

    Thx Jörg pointing out the link error.
    I’ve fixed this and also I’ve added some more ressources to the page, thx to Romain 😉

  • Hi

    I want to learn LowRa and /Or Pixlib…….
    I have no idea what it is and how to use it…
    So from where to start…atleast if i am able to write 1 program that would be good…just interested in understanding these languages….