Microsoft – You still suck!!!

So, I used to use Windows, but for the past 2 years and so I have been now under Linux.

On my desktop computer (home use, used by other people than me) I’ve decided to install windows 8. So I’ve downloaded their windows 8 setup tool which check your system see if you can get Windows 8 running on it.

1st fail

The tool was telling me that I couldn’t get Windows in my region although listed on their website.
I found out on the internet that I had to set the compatibility mode (XP SP3) to bypass this… Why is this?

2nd fail

So got this working, purchased it and the tool started downloading it. I knew that I could make an iso and burn it on a dvd as I have read this online. Once downloaded, the tool didn’t provide me this option. Weird. I shut down the tool start it again, and automagically the option was now here… Why is this?

3rd fail

First thing I have done after installing windows was installing the media center, free until the 31 of january so why not… I don’t know if I will ever use it but hey as I said it’s free…
Error!!! After installing WMC, my windows was automagically de-activated. Trying to re-enter my genuine windows 8 key was giving me an error… It got fixed automagically after applying updates…

4th fail

After installing WMC, I started configuring and installing common software. Knowing that my CPU is a x64 I’ve downloaded x64 software to realize… that the version I had installed was a 32bit not 64bit. So the tool ALTHOUGH I HAVE A x64 bit CPU decided to get a 32bit version (and there was no options to select what architecture you wish to download).

5th fail

Now reading on the forums, I found out that it seems you have to RE PURCHASE windows to get it in a different architecture that the one you bought originally. Why is this?

6th fail

Trying to use their support to askĀ  questions (all the above) + how to get my x64 version AT NO EXTRA COST I ended up going on the live help, asking me for my PID (I guess my license key) or finding it automatically or continuing without license (then they charge). I tried to put my license key but couldn’t press on the continue button (well could but nothing was happening). So I decided to choose let microsoft find my pid, which installed a software which was then blocked by their own fucking browser IE10. So it couldn’t find it either… Rahhhhhhhhh

I’ve finally been able to go through their fucking maze of a website and submit a request (go to live chat and if offline you are able to write an email).

I’ve asked them how I could get the x64 version at extra no cost as their stupid tool couldn’t even see that my cpu was a x64.

So all this in the past hour or so…
Microsoft, sorry but you still suck… And big time!!!!

Please people give a try to Linux Mint or Ubuntu or Fedora or Suze or …
They definitely worth a shot!

  • I use xp before 2012 daily, after a big lost of some of my code (that got some bug hacked), then after I stop all my freelancer project then I use ubuntu from then on….
    now I pretty happy for using ubuntu as my daily happy coding….