OAuth – xAuth PHP client and server library


Lately I was in the need to create a OAuth provider and started looking for php (open source) libraries.

The first one I have tried was the de facto one, i.e the PECL library.
I liked it a lot, especially how it integrates with my project. But 2 things pulled me off. There is NO documentation on this library. A bit tricky when you are new to OAuth. Moreover I wanted to add support for xAuth and because of the lack of documentation I haven’t been able to do so.

The second one is this one.
There is a php implementation. Nice code, but I didn’t like the way it integrates with my projects, and there is no namespaces (class autoloader rocks)

So I decided to take what I like in those two and came with my own one, x-OAuth-PHP
It’s fairly new – although a big chunk of the code in this one is taken from the oauth php one.

You can find it here.
It has namespaces and uses the nice structure of the PECL one.

I hope you will like it.