Installing MySQL Workbench on LMDE 13

So, MySQL workbench is a great tool, but not yet in the debian repo.
I have check online to find some resources and there were barely any on how to install it on LMDE 13… so here it is.

First download MySQL Workbench deb (ubuntu – version 10.x, thx ludo) for your architecture.
Then before installing it we will need to resolve some dependencies:

  • libctemplate0 with sudo aptitude install libctemplate0
  • python-pysqlite2 with sudo aptitude install python-pysqlite2
  • libzip1 see below

libzip1 isn’t either on the debian repo. What you will do then is to download the ubuntu package here choosing the appropriate .deb for your architecture.
Then once downloaded you will install it with (here the one for my x64 computer)
sudo gdebi libzip1_0.9.3-1_amd64.deb

gdebi checks the dependencies before install and will download any dependencies it can find on the repo, otherwise will halt.

Once libzip1 is installed you can then do (here for my x64 computer)
sudo gdebi mysql-workbench-gpl-5.2.40-1ubu1004-amd64.deb

And it should be now all good…

Hope it will help some.

  • Ludomatic

    Choose the 1004 version, not the 1204 that needs a too recent version of libc6.

  • any

    I was installing on debian squeeze 64-bit. My experience was a little different, but you pointed me the right direction. After following you instructions, I got an error with no details, I opened up synaptic and the workbench came up broken. I manually ran down the list of dependencies and searched for each. Liblua5.1 wasn’t installed. After installing it, all worked well.

    Thank you!

  • zeflasher

    Thanks for the feedback and extra info. I am sure it will help others.