Android development – Remote calls the proper way.


I have started developing an android app and was looking for the best way to handle remote calls (as activities can be killed, … ) and found this really nice talk Google IO – Developing Android RESTFull apps

This session is really, really good and gives a really good insight of how applications doing remote calls should be developed.
So I asked myself: probably somebody has implemented this idea to makes developers life easier. Well I haven’t been able to find any code anywhere showing how this should be implemented not saying a nice framework I could use.

So I decided to do my own.
I will release it soon on github. I know many things can be improved and am really looking forward to push queries đŸ™‚

Meanwhile if you have seen any framework that could help implementing the idea in the googleIO talk please let me know.


  • Hey man thanks for posting this. Coming from Flash Platform world, you always get the data fresh. But on a mobile, I didn’t realize you can use Content Providers as a persistence middleman for REST calls so that one can save on radio usage. CRUD-ing from an Android to a online backend is a lot of work. Putting this Content Provider just adds even more work. I’m so lazy.

  • zeflasher

     Hello Mark,

    Indeed we all are (by nature) :).
    Hopefully this will help you and others…