Installing USVN and migrating from old subversion server

So lately we changed server and although I’m using now Indefero (integrated git) to manage my projects I was in need of having subversion for all my old projects.
I used to use svnmanager on our old server but wanted to give a try to another web interface. So I choose usvn

USVN Installation

Download usvn here and unzip it somewhere on your web server.
Follow the main installation guide here with the following tips:

  • before starting the install, get the latest zend framework here. Backup the Zend folder existing in your usvn library folder and add the one from the latest downloaded zend framework found in the library folder. This is because the framework shipped with usvn is old and not in sync with the latest mysql package.
  • start the installation script accessing the install.php directly (

Importing existing repositories

In my case my old subversion server was already offline, but the repo still existed. So I have copied them onto the new server somewhere using rsync over ssh. Nice guide here.
Once done, you need to import the projects into usvn. To do so they have done a script you can find in the library/tools folder named usvn-import-svn-repositories.php. The thing is this script is outdated now, so a usvn user has updated it. You can find it here. And here is how to use it.

Once the project imported, copy the files from the old repo to the newly created under the svn folder (that you have configure during the install) and finally change the owner to be your webserver (apache or www-data or … ).

Voila, all should be good now. Add a group and user to be able to access it.