WebDU 2010 – Michael Plank – Component Architecturel


I will be posting some videos of the webDU 2010 sessions.
The first one is the component architecture done by Michael Plank

Session Details

Conventional game architectures enjoin you to use an inheritance based class hierarchy which often ends up in having huge type hierarchies and bloating base classes which you have to extend. This makes it really hard to reuse certain parts of the game. Component-based game architecture is a completely different approach to creating games. The idea is to assemble the game from small pieces so called components. This design uses composition instead of inheritance and enables you to develop highly reusable parts. Michael gives an introduction to component-based development and how it was used in the Flash realtime multiplayer strategy game DeltaStrike.
By Michael Plank

Here are the videos

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You can download the slides and source code from here

Enjoy 🙂