AS3 Framework – lowRa

Hello there.

In the AS3 project I’m currently working on I’ve wanted to use lowRa a framework started by Francis Bourre.

The framework is really advanced in the development but it was missing lots of the assembler part for the IOC ( Inversion Of Control ), meaning to load dynamically the assets and dll ( extenal classes ) and create the modules / plugin at runtime.

So I’ve started putting my hands in the code to make it happen.
And it’s almost here. Everything is working, loading the assets, the dlls, creating the plugins, creating the loader, and any object that you could have set up in your xml.

I still wanna add some features to the loader. For now the loader is showing only the percent downloaded of an asset / dll, not the percent downloaded on the total assets / dlls. So let’s say you have 4 files to download, the percent will go 4 time from 0 to 100.
I don’t really like this way of doing it. I prefer the user being able to see how much he has downloaded so far of the total.
The other thing is maybe people want to create only scripted loader ( no graphics, everything drawn by the drawing API ).

So I will develop those features today hopefully and I will post an example soon. The files hopefully will be available on the svn soon ( this is what I’ve heared ) 🙂

Stay tuned it should happen soon