Pixlib – rev 44 is out

Hello there,
the revision 44 of pixlib is out…


  • HashCodeFactory.previewNextKey and HashCodeFactory.getNextName return expected value
  • ConfigLoader.protectConfigObject don’t need anymore __fullyQualifiedClassName workaround
  • RemotingRequest.setCredentials method added
  • VideoDisplay.onCuePointEVENT added with a new CuePointEvent class to handle video-encoded cuepoints
  • VideoDisplay.setLoopPlayback takes optional parameter now to specify loop start time
  • RemotingCall.setMethodName refactoring and RemotingCall.setServiceMethod added
  • RemotingCall.setCredentials method added
  • AbstractGrid.getRow and AbstractGrid.getColumn accept optional parameters to specify start index and end index
  • AbstractGrid.getCloneRange returns grid with same type extracted from specified range
  • AbstractGrid.getArrayRange returns Array instance extracted from specified range
  • Caching removed from ClassUtils

Go on the svn HERE

Enjoy 🙂