Stuff new readers MUST know !!

Yes, for couple of days now I’m on mxna. This post is more for the new reader I’ll get through mxna.
I want to introduce you pixlib and the plugin pixioc made by Francis Bourre.

What is pixlib?
Pixlib is a framework that will help you develop application using MVC+Command pattern. It’s really powerful and will make you a better developer as well. Check pixlib on You’ll find good resources there. You can too check some tutorials I’ve done for it, here and here

What is pixioc?
pixioc is a plugin for pixlib. It will help you creating your application – manage the downloads of your dlls and assets, create the objects or custom objects defined in the xml configuration file – and will help you to create plugin for your application, making it really flexible. You can go here for more information.

Don’t forget to register to the mailing list. People are really friendly and helpful.

I can tell you that I love this framework. I wonder how I was able to develop when I was not using it 🙂