Amazing 3D engine

This is not flash related, BUT I had to talk about this.
Those guys have started in 2000 to try to put as much info as they could in 64k. Codename: “.theprodukkt”. At this time what they’ve done was already cool, I mean really cool.
Now a complexe and as far as I can see good 3D engine has been done (they are compressing sounds as well).
You can see for example longs 3D demo + sounds in 64k.

Or if you wanna play you can try this game: kkrieger. A 96k game, but I’m sure you’ll not trust that it’s coming only from the 96k you’ve downloaded. A workmate was sure it was downloading some info during the loading process. So we have just unplugged the computer from the network and start the game (on another machine of course). The same. Everything is in this 96k… AMAZING!!!

And if you want to do your own one. Just download their software werkkzeug1

So run HERE