Usefull links for actionscript 3.0 introduction and documentation

Some useull links for those who still didn’t look at AS3.

>> Flash Profesionnal 9 Preview – This is flash 8 with AS3 support

>> PDF Documentation – Complete doc for as3

>> Know Bug in AS3 – A list you should check sometimes, as it’s updated. Check the bug before starting a development with AS3

>> AS2 to AS3 migration – All you need to know if you are a AS2 developer

>> Start developing with AS3 – A basic introduction of AS3 development

>> Programming with AS3 – Another tutorial

>> Live Doc – the LiveDoc for AS3

>> Examples – Some Examples for AS3 development

>> Labs – Adobe Labs about AS3

>> Packages – Free AS3 Library

>> Warning Message – Listing of warning messsage you could encounter

>> E4X Specification – Specification of the norme used by AS3