Pixlib Library

Ok. Here is THE library you should have in your pocket.
I’m watching the development of this library since the end of 2005, and a month ago I decided to give it a go.
And now I regret I didn’t try it before. It’s really easy to develop with. Everything has been thought to make your code clean and easy to implement.

I can guess your question: “But where can I find this beauty?”

Just go HERE. You will be able to download the library and you will find documentation and tutorials.
Plus there is a mailing list. People are very reactive and friendly. So don’t hesitate to ask question, people will be glad to answer you. I’m sure because I’m quite posting those time and each time I had a answer with a smile.

So thanks to francis bourre who made this happen and all the people who’s worked (and still working) with him

Last word. I will try to help the Pixlib community putting some ressources on my website. Hopefully it will be soon. So stay tunned 🙂